Our friends at New City Press and cosponsors of The Augustine Blog have exciting news on the Feast of St. Augustine! The Augustinian Heritage Institute (AHI) and New City Press are translating to English the entirety of Augustine’s writings in the landmark series The Works of Saint Augustine: A Translation for the 21st Century. Today they are announcing that the 45th volume in the series will be published on November 15th. The new volume is titled Morality and Christian Asceticism and it contains these eight writings by Augustine:

  •  Lying (De mendacio)
  • Against Lying (Contra mendacium)
  • The Christian Combat (De agone christiano)
  • The Work of Monks (De opere monachorum) 
  • The Advantage of Fasting (De utilitate jejunii)
  • Patience (De patientia) 
  • The Care to Be Taken of the Dead (De cura pro mortuis gerenda)
  • Instructing Beginners in Faith (De catechizandis rudibus)

The book is now available for preorder at the New City Press website and other sites. New City Press is also offering the book for free as part of their Installment Plan for purchasing the complete set of the series.

We will have more about this book in the weeks to come!