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Thinking with Augustine

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Augustine’s Praying the Psalms (Conf. Book 9)

Andrew Hofer, O.P., on Augustine's love of the Psalter

The Word in Our Flesh for Love: A Reflection on Augustine’s Preaching

Andrew Hofer, O.P., on love in Augustine's preaching

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Remembering at the Altar (Conf. Book 9)

Fr. Carlos Medina on praying towards eternity

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On the Death of Nebridius (Conf. Book 9)

Amanda C. Knight on the death of Nebridius

Mourning Monica (Conf. Book 9)

Alexander H. Pierce on Augustine's grief for his mother

Augustine Around the Web

America magazine writers who dreamed they saw St. Augustine →

James T. Keane:

For a saint who seems to have been born at the wrong time, Augustine’s name has graced everything from a million schools to the oldest European-established city in what is now the United States to a Bob Dylan song that makes no sense, as well as religious orders and countless other institutes. He has also been the darling of religious and secular scholars alike for his City of God, Confessions and numerous other works, including a large number of homilies only rediscovered in recent decades.

Source: America Magazine

On the Way with Augustine

As part of our regular contributions to this blog, we invite authors from diverse disciplines and backgrounds to reflect on their journey with Augustine by responding to this question:

In what way has Augustine or someone he has provoked or inspired been a pivotal figure for you?

Between Belief and Understanding

Brian McCaffrey on becoming comfortable with ambiguity

Augustine, Love, and Hitting Home Runs

Michael Cameron on Augustine as spiritual preceptor

Give What You Were Given

Fr. Thomas Esposito on teaching and preaching Augustine

A Transformative Text

Kaley Carpenter on challenging conversations

Writing in Figures

Erika Kidd on philosophy as story


William Desmond on Augustinian itineraries

Events and Announcements

Upcoming Eric Gregory St. Augustine Lecture 9/28 and Livestream Link

This year's St. Augustine Lecture, sponsored by the Augustinian Institute, will be delivered by Eric Gregory on Thursday, September 28 at 7:30 PM in Driscoll Hall 134 at Villanova University.  The title of his talk will be "Remythologizing Augustine: History and Politics at the Edge of Time." The event is open to the public and can be accessed via livestream at this link.

Eric Gregory is Professor of Religion at Princeton University. He is the author of Politics and the Order of Love: An Augustinian Ethic of Democratic Citizenship. Gregory is on the board of the Journal of Religious Ethics and sits with the executive committee of the University Center for Human Values.

We encourage you to attend the event either in person or via the livestream!



New Augustine Translation from New City Press

Our friends at New City Press and cosponsors of The Augustine Blog have exciting news on the Feast of St. Augustine! The Augustinian Heritage Institute (AHI) and New City Press are translating to English the entirety of Augustine’s writings in the landmark series The Works of Saint Augustine: A Translation for the 21st Century. Today they are announcing that the 45th volume in the series will be published on November 15th. The new volume is titled Morality and Christian Asceticism and it contains these eight writings by Augustine:

  •  Lying (De mendacio)
  • Against Lying (Contra mendacium)
  • The Christian Combat (De agone christiano)
  • The Work of Monks (De opere monachorum) 
  • The Advantage of Fasting (De utilitate jejunii)
  • Patience (De patientia) 
  • The Care to Be Taken of the Dead (De cura pro mortuis gerenda)
  • Instructing Beginners in Faith (De catechizandis rudibus)

The book is now available for preorder at the New City Press website and other sites. New City Press is also offering the book for free as part of their Installment Plan for purchasing the complete set of the series.

We will have more about this book in the weeks to come!

Celebrate the Feast Day of St. Augustine!

We at the Augustine Blog wish you a blessed feast of St. Augustine!

"Because, I think, in your Gift we find rest, and there we enjoy you. Our true place is where we find rest. We are borne toward it by love, and it is your good Spirit who lifts up our sunken nature from the gates of death. In goodness of will is our peace. A body gravitates to its proper place by its own weight. This weight does not necessarily drag it downward, but pulls it to the place proper to it: thus fire tends upward, a stone downward. Drawn by their weight, things seek their rightful places. If oil is poured into water, it will rise to the surface, but if water is poured onto oil it will sink below the oil: drawn by their weight, things seek their rightful places. They are not at rest as long as they are disordered, but once brought to order they find their rest. Now, my weight is my love, and wherever I am carried, it is this weight that carries me."


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