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Inside Out with God (Conf. Book 10)

Fr. Carlos Medina, OSA, on the journey through memory

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The Voice of Monnica (Conf. Book 9)

Kate Cooper on Monnica's stories and the story of Monnica

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Augustine Loudly Quits (Conf. Book 9)

Colleen Mitchell on turning away from success

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Augustine’s Praying the Psalms (Conf. Book 9)

Andrew Hofer, O.P., on Augustine's love of the Psalter

brown marble altar in room

Remembering at the Altar (Conf. Book 9)

Fr. Carlos Medina, OSA, on praying towards eternity

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On the Death of Nebridius (Conf. Book 9)

Amanda C. Knight on the death of Nebridius

Mourning Monica (Conf. Book 9)

Alexander H. Pierce on Augustine's grief for his mother

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Questioning the Veracity of Augustine’s Conversion (Conf. Book 8)

Colleen Mitchell on the spirit of Augustine's conversion narrative

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Spiritual Circles: Concentric Conversion Narratives (Conf. Book 8)

Mark Scott on the spiritual mimetics of conversion