We encourage you to attend the upcoming online lecture by Richard Dougherty (University of Dallas) on “Augustine on Human Freedom: Politics and Theology in the Roman World.”

This talk will explore Augustine’s conception of freedom, primarily in terms of its political ramifications. This will necessarily require some attention to his analysis of the Roman political order, both before and after the arrival of Christianity. Attention will also be paid to Augustine’s treatment of some of the leading political figures of Roman history, and what lessons we are to learn from them about the relationship between human freedom and the Christian order.

This online event is the opening lecture of the online series “Tyranny and Freedom in Early Christian Thought and the Middle Ages” will be held on Monday, October 10th at 7PM (CEST)/1PM (EDT). The series of online lecture is funded from a grant received from the Initiative of Excellence – Research University program of the Polish Ministry of Science and Education and organized by Edmund Stewart and Mateusz Stróżyński.

To access this talk, join this Microsoft Teams Link.